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Sustainability Policy

Our sustainability efforts occur on several levels within our organization and continues outside through other efforts and outreach activities. 

HD Electric Company's operations are technically considered light industrial and assembly. We are extremely careful to ensure the design and manufacture of our products and components made by our suppliers have minimal use of VOC’s and create minimal waste materials. Rechargeable and recyclable batteries are used in products. Any batteries we use internally are recycled through SWALCO (alkaline and small rechargables), and Call2Recycle®  (Ni-Cd, Li-ion, Ni-MH and Pb rechargeable).

Office operation practices include video and phone conferencing to reduce travel.  Our website is designed to allow for information retrieval to cut down on paper use and shipping to our representatives and customers worldwide. During hours of operation a “Lights-Off Policy” for spaces not being utilized is followed. During off hours thermostats are lowered, all equipment including computers are shut down, and only the emergency lighting required by BOMA is illuminated. File folders are recycled and all mixed paper and cardboard are recycled through Onyx Waste. Inkjet and laser print cartridges are recycled through a program called the FundingFactory which donates the proceeds to local schools.

Costs savings in our energy use contributes to a healthier bottom line, which in turn benefits our employees with greater company matching funds available for 401K’s and translates into funds available to contribute to worthy programs in our community. In addition it allows us the ability to support organizations with local focus and others with larger regional and national outreach.

Call2Recycle® is a registered trademark of Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation.