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Product Advisories

HD Electric Company has posted the following Product Advisories to help make you aware of changes to our products, product upgrades, new product applications, new instructional materials, discontinued products or product safety issues.

Please check this page frequently to make sure you have the latest information to get the maximum benefit from your HD Electric Company products.

If you require further information, please contact HD Electric Company at (847) 473-4980.

Digital Voltmeters DigiVolt Models DVM-I through DVM-V Discontinuation Notice, 10/16

NoMax 1300/1600/2000 Series Capacitor Controls End of Life Notice, 07/16

HDE Lithium Battery Notification, 05/15

Rite-Lite Product Discontinuation Notification, 04/15

Versa-Lite Products Discontinuation Notification, 04/15

Ramcorder Products Discontinuation Notification, 06/13

AD Ammeter Products Discontinuation Notification, 09/12

TAG-5000 Wireless Phaser Product Change Notification, 04/10

DVI-100 Digital Voltage Indicator Product Notification, 02/10

Cyclops LED Hard Hat Lights, 03/08.

Rite-Lite I Zinc Product Discontinuation Notice, 01/08.

Switch Type Setting Notification for NoMax Capacitor Controls, 05/05.

SANGAMO Products Manufacturing Discontinuation, 04/05.

NoMax Software Upgrade for NoMax Capacitor Controls, 04/05.

Cyclops LED Hard Hat Lights, 01/05.

IEP-UD/R Probe for TAG 200 & TAG 200MR Voltage Detectors & TAG 5000 Wireless Phaser, 01/03.

Accessory Probes and Cable Fault Tester Updates for Voltmeter & Phasing Sets, 11/01.

Technical Service Bulletin for Grounding Connections, TSB-101 for NoMax Capacitor Controls, 02/01.

EAP-2 Insulating Probe for MARK and DigiVolt Hot Stick Voltmeters, 09/00.

HD Electric Company is committed to ongoing review and improvement of its product lines, and thus reserves the right to modify product design and specifications without notice.