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VarCom Electronic Communicating Capacitor Controls - March Product Focus

March 12, 2010

Before we get into the March Product Focus, we wanted to remind you that HDE will be exhibiting at the DistribuTECH Conference and Exhibition March 23 - 25 in Tampa, FL.  If you or your customers are attending, please visit us at booth 642!  We are looking forward to the show and hope to see you there!

The product focus for this month is on our VarCom Electronic Communicating Capacitor Controls, which will be on display at the DistribuTECH Show.  HDE's capacitor controls provide VAR and voltage support on power distribution systems.  When installed on switched capacitor banks, these controls help maximize power system efficiencies and improve power factor.

VarCom 1600 with Telemetric Cellular Communications

Communications equipped VarCom Capacitor Controls add new capabilities for monitoring and controlling capacitor banks.  Using ComFlex Flexible Communications Technology, communications can be added to any of the VarCom controls at the time of purchase or at any time in the future.  ComFlex adds command and control functions while maintaining all of the features and capabilities for full function VarCom control.

Communications technologies available include:

  • One-Way Paging
  • Two-Way Paging
  • Mesh Radio Networks
  • Cellular Modems
  • Cellular Radios
  • Wide Area Networks
  • Broadband Over Power Lines
  • Any DNP 3.0 Speaking Communications


For more information on the VarCom Communicating Capacitor Controls, please click here to visit the HDE VarCom website page.


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