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VarCom® Communicating Capacitor Controls - January Product Focus


HDE's VarCom 2600 Communicating Capacitor Controls provide remote control from central Volt-VAR, CVR, DMS or SCADA systems and can control capacitor banks using combinations of ambient temperature, time, voltage, current and kVAR. Based on existing field proven design, VarCom controls have an easy to use, field friendly control panel and work with any DNP 3.0 application. Communications can be provided from the HDE factory or added to any VarCom control in the field. 

We have posted a recorded version of our capacitor control product presentation on our website. The presentation lasts only 17 minutes and reviews our entire line of capacitor controls, features and options. To view the presentation and get more information on VarCom Communicating Capacitor Controls, please visit our VarCom 2600 product page.

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