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TAG-5000 Wireless Phaser - April Product Focus

HDE's TAG-5000 Wireless Phaser is designed to perform many of the existing functions of conventional voltmeter/phaser devices. However, the TAG-5000 uses state-of-the-art technology to eliminate the cord and lighten the weight of this important testing device. The TAG-5000 can be used for all overhead and underground phasing applications with appropriate underground probes and is ideal for use at higher voltages - up to 230kV - where safety and ease of use are prime considerations. 


Features and Benefits

  • Range of operation is more than 33' through the air and over 1,000' along overhead conductors
  • No connecting cord between transmitter and receiver
  • Phase through walls and metal enclosures
  • Phase conductors on system voltages up to 230kV (phase-to-phase)
  • Clear indication of in-phase/out-of-phase conditions with both audible and visual indications
  • Rugged and light weight
  • Built in self-test feature


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