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PRX-500 Proximity Voltage Detector - September Product Focus

HDE's PRX-500 Proximity Voltage Detector is the newest addition to our voltage detection product line.  With nine selectable voltage ranges from 120V up to 500kV, the PRX Proximity Voltage Detector features an easy-to-use electronic touch pad with large buttons.  The PRX provides an audible and visual indication of voltage detected from most elbow test points up to the highest transmission voltages.  The rechargeable internal battery can be quickly charged from your truck or a wall outlet.

  • Nine standard voltage ranges from 120V up to 500kV
  • Detects voltage on elbow test points
  • Detects voltages 10" (25 cm) or greater from source without direct contact
  • Rechargeable battery with quick recharge - 15 minutes for a full day of use
  • Rugged, durable housing
  • Dual hotstick connections - universal spline & shotgun stick
  • Loud beeper and LED lights indicate voltage
  • Weighs less than 1 pound (0.45 kg)
  • Easy to use electronic touch pad with large buttons
  • Custom voltage ranges available upon request
  • Can be used on 50Hz and 60Hz systems
  • Made in the USA

New PRX Base Model Available

PRX Rechargeable Battery

The PRX can be easily charged in the field - plug it into a 12VDC truck outlet for 15 minutes to get over a days worth of use.  And best of all there's no need to carry around spare batteries!

  • Charge from either 12VDC truck power or a 120VAC outlet
  • A quick 15 minute charge provides one full day of use
  • Battery life on a full charge is one week of continuous use
  • A full charge takes only three hours
  • No battery "memory effect" from frequent charging or discharging


The PRX rechargeable battery uses advanced state-of-the-art battery technology and has innovative features that sets the PRX apart from other proximity voltage detectors.  The rechargeable battery sealed inside the PRX-500 Proximity Voltage Detector is a lithium-ion style battery - the same advanced battery used in smart phones and other portable electronics.  It is substantially larger in charge capacity resulting in much longer operating life for the PRX and lithium-ion batteries out perform alkaline batteries in extreme temperature conditions.


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