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Personal Voltage Detectors & Load Box - March Product Focus

This year our Product Focus messages will contain information on two products per month, this month featuring V-Watch Personal Voltage Detectors and Load Box.

V-Watch® Personal Voltage Detectors

V-Watch Personal Voltage Detectors

HDE's V-Watch Personal Voltage Detectors are worn on the outside of clothing at mid-torso and provides that extra level of safety by detecting and alerting you to the presence of electrical fields or energized electrical equipment.  In emergencies, crews can move in safely to quickly restore power to customers.

HDE was featured as a key supplier in an article in the March issue of T&D World's Superstorm Sandy supplement.  V-Watch Personal Voltage Detectors were highlighted, detailing how they were used during Sandy storm restoration efforts.  Click here to read the article.

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Load Box

Load Box


HDE's Load Box helps to prevent the damaging effects of ferroresonance found on lightly or unloaded 3-phase power systems.  This situation typically occurs on medium voltage distribution transformers and power cables during single phase switching.  As the electric power industry moves towards more efficient transformer design, this condition is becoming more common. When using the Load Box to connect and apply a resistive load on the transformer secondaries, damage to distribution equipment due to ferroresonance can be prevented.

Incident Prevention Magazine featured an article in 2012 that explains what ferroresonance is and what conditions may cause it. We have posted the Incident Prevention article on our website, click here to read it.


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