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NEW PRX-4 Proximity Voltage Detector - June Product Focus


HD Electric Company introduces the NEW PRX-4 Proximity Voltage Detector. It provides utility professionals, arborists and first responders with a safety tool that will alert them to potentially dangerous high voltage in their work areas. With 2 voltage range settings of 50V-4kV and above, the PRX-4 is an easy way to find out if voltage is present without having to make direct contact.

Features include:

  • Sealed to resist water penetration in typical outdoor environments
  • Voltage ranges from 50VAC to 4kVAC and above
  • Detects voltages around 3" at the 50V setting, 10" at 4kV and above
  • Rechargeable battery, quick recharge - 15 minutes for a typical full day use
  • Weighs less than 1 pound
  • Loud beeper and LED lights indicate voltage


PRX-4 joins the rest of the Proximity Voltage Detector family of non-contact detectors.


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