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LV-5 Stray Voltage Detector - October Product Focus


The LV-5 Stray Voltage Detector detects voltage from 5VAC to 600VAC with direct contact and above 600VAC at a distance. The LV-5 detector has an ultra-bright flashing indication of voltage and is always on and ready to use.Stray and contact voltages are unexpected in public or private accessible rights of way. Stray voltage is low voltage and is not harmful - it is a nuisance voltage. Contact voltage is potentially lethal. Both result from faults or defects in power distribution systems. The LV-5 detects both stray and contact voltages.


• The LV-5 detects both Stray and Contact voltages

• Detects voltages from 5VAC to 600VAC

• Ultra bright, long lasting red LED indicates when voltage is present

• Rugged, utility grade design is waterproof

• Kit is available, includes:o Holster to store the LV-5 when not in use - can be worn or hungo Integrated tester stored in holster, tests the LV-5 for proper operation

• Always on

• Made in the USA


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