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HVA-2000 High Voltage Digital Ammeter - October Product Focus


Take ampere measurements on conductors up to 500kV quickly and easily with the HVA High Voltage Digital Ammeter. The large, bright, 4-digit LED display allows you to read amps from the longest of telescoping hotsticks. The HVA is lightweight and easy to use on the end of a long hotstick. The HVA features 1% accuracy and will store the last 4 readings, allowing you to read real-time amps directly during live line operations or by using the stored readings function.


Features & Benefits

  • Quickly take current readings on conductors up to 500kV (phase-to-phase)
  • Measures AC current, 25-500Hz
  • Read the measurement in real time from the large digit display
  • Stores the last four current readings
  • Display is easy to read in bright or dark conditions
  • Auto shutoff with low battery function
  • Small and lightweight, easy to manage on an extension hotstick
  • Dual hotstick connections - universal spline and clampstick
  • Use on conductors up to 2.75" (7.0 cm)
  • Accuracy 1% of reading


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