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High Voltage Ammeter - June Product Focus

June 28, 2010

HDE's HALO is a high voltage digital ammeter for taking AC current measurements up to 2000 amps.  Its unique open-core design allows it to hook over a conductor and within seconds obtain a reading.  Attached to a hotstick, the HALO is capable of being used on all system voltages up to 69kV.   



 HALO High Voltage Ammeter


  • Quickly take current readings on conductors up to 69kV (phase-to-phase)
  • Use on overhead or underground applications
  • Take spot-load checks with ease
  • Verify phases are balanced
  • Lightweight and easy to manage on an extension hotstick


There are two models of the HALO.  The HALO I is capable of taking spot-load studies at transformers or at any mid-span location, as well as phase balance studies on primary or secondary lines.  The HALO I continually latches and locks onto peak system currents and will hold the reading until the display is reset.  The HALO II is capable of the same operations as the HALO I and offers the enhancement of having a selectable peak-hold or track mode.  Track mode allows the user to view continuous changes on the display.



  • Peak hold and/or track modes
  • 3.5 digit LCD display
  • Hook or fork style sensing head
  • Auto shut-off


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