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HD Electric's Retired Mobile Demonstration Van Transformed Into Bookmobile

August 3, 2009

On Tuesday, July 28th HD Electric Company participated in a bookmobile ribbon-cutting ceremony at the North Chicago Public Library in North Chicago, IL.  HD Electric's retired Mobile Demonstration Van - which has since been replaced by two fully-equipped Mobile Demonstration Trailers - was donated to the library through the help of the Gorter Family Foundation of Lake Bluff, IL.  The library will use the van as a full-service bookmobile that will travel the North Chicago area.

The vehicle's interior was redesigned with custom shelving to hold the 2,000 books that the foundation purchased to stock the mobile library.  The collection includes fiction, non-fiction and mystery books, as well as a bilingual selection for the city's Hispanic population.  A volunteer driver provided by the Friends of the Library organization is scheduled to begin making rounds with the bookmobile in mid-August.  

HD Demonstration Van as new Bookmobile

This donation helped grant the long-held wish of North Chicago library officials and board members.  For years they have wanted to acquire a bookmobile, in order to bring a full-service mobile library to people who might otherwise not have been able to visit the North Chicago Public Library.  Through the project, they hope to spread a love for reading and learning, aspiring to create a "City of Readers."

HD Electric is proud to participate in such a rewarding venture, and wishes much success to the library's endeavors in the community.

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All those involved in the Bookmobile project 

Children browse mobile library shelves