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HALO High Voltage Digital Ammeters - March Product Focus

March 16, 2009

HD Electric Company's HALO Ammeters are high voltage digital ammeters for use on power distribution systems and are designed to take True RMS AC current measurements up to 2000 amps on voltages up to 69kV.  The open core design allows the user to quickly hook it over a conductor from the end of a hotstick and obtain a current reading in amperes.  The HALO can be used to take spot load measurements on single or multi-phase systems to determine load balance.

The HALO is available with either a hook or fork-style sensing head.  There are two models, the HALO I and the HALO II.  The HALO I has a peak-hold mode which stores the reading until the display is reset.  The HALO II includes peak-hold and tracking modes, allowing the user to view continuous changes in current on the display.


 HALO I Digital Ammeter with hook-style sensing head

HALO II Digital Ammeter with fork-style sensing head


Features and benefits:

  • Quickly takes current readings up to 2000 amps on conductors up to 69kV (phase-to-phase)
  • Hook or fork-style sensing heads 
  • Track only or track / peak-hold models available
  • 9V battery powered with auto shut-off
  • Use on overhead or underground applications
  • Take spot-load / phase balancing checks with ease
  • Lightweight and easy to manage on an extension hotstick


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