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ClearTest™ Transformer Tester - May Product Focus


HD Electric Company introduces the ClearTest Transformer Tester which provides quick and easy tests of de-energized power distribution system transformers. It is a handheld device with a single pushbutton that provides a clear indication of open circuits, short circuits, including shorted turns or shorted windings and confirmation that the test results are OK.

The ClearTest Transformer Tester is a completely new design that briefly energizes the transformer and takes a snapshot of the transformer condition by measuring the voltage, current and power factor of the test signal.

Finds transformer defects that include:

  • A single shorted turn in the primary or secondary side of a transformer
  • Open coils or blown internal fuses or breakers
  • Partial shorts including shorted turns, shorted turn layers, coil to core shorts and primary to secondary shorts
  • Bad transformer ratios resulting from shorted turns


ClearTest Transformer Testers look both inside and outside the transformer - testing the coil, core and winding as well as between the transformer and whatever it is connected to.


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