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FireFly® Fuse Tool Voltage Detector - New Lower Price

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Fuse Tool Voltage Detector

The FireFly® Fuse Tool Voltage Detector, model FTVD-15, combines a fuse tool, voltage detector and spotlight in one single product, saving time and adding an extra level of safety while working on distribution lines. The voltage detection function will check for voltage on the line - red LEDs will flash and an audible alarm is activated when voltage is detected. Then use the Fuse Tool function to open and close the fuse cutout or switch. Bright white lights located on both the top and front of the tool will provide illumination at night or in the dark for better visibility and added safety. Get the work done three times as fast with the FireFly Fuse Tool Voltage Detector!

Fuse Tool Voltage Detector Features

  • Single range voltage detector increases safety by alerting linemen to an energized system
  • The compact size allows for multiple uses without overexertion
  • Provides an audible and visual alarm when making contact with an energized conductor
  • Bright white LED spotlights eliminate the need for secondary lighting
  • Combination of voltage detector, fuse puller and spotlights increase work efficiency and reduces tool load

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