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Cyclops LED Battery Powered Headlamp

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Battery Powered Headlamps

Cyclops® Headlamps mount on the hard hat and allow you to move quickly and efficiently with both hands free. The front mounted design and sealed battery compartment eliminates cumbersome external wiring and allows for the even distribution of weight across the forehead. The Cyclops LED features 4 settings - Flash, High, Medium, Low - and is a small, compact light.

Battery Powered Headlamp Features

  • LED, halogen or long burn bulbs
  • Secured to hard hat by rugged rubber strap
  • Waterproof to a depth of 3 feet
  • Spot or wide angle reflectors
  • Hinged base allows positioning at any angle
  • 60 hours of burn time with LED bulb
  • 8 hours of burn time with long burn bulb
  • 5 hours of burn time with halogen bulb 

HD Electric Company is committed to ongoing review and improvement of its product lines, and thus reserves the right to modify product design and specifications without notice.