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MARK-V Analog Voltmeter / Phasing Set

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Analog Voltmeters and Phasing Sets

The MARK® series of analog voltmeters/phasers is designed to take voltage measurements and perform phasing applications on system voltages up to 75kV. There are numerous versions with single and multiple ranges for use on multiple system voltages. These include one-stick models with a ground lead and two-stick models with a connecting cord.

Available Analog Voltmeters and Phasing Sets

Model Range (kV) Length w/Overhead Probe Hotsticks Required
MARK I Single Range 0-15 23" (58cm) X
MARK II Dual Range 0-15/0-45 32" (81cm) X
MARK III Dual Range 0-15/0-75 23" (58cm) X
MARK IV Single Range 0-5 23" (58cm) X
MARK V Dual Range 0-5/0-15 23" (58cm) X
MARK VI Triple Range 0-5/0-15/ 0-45 23" (58cm) X
MARK VII Dual Range 0-1/0-15 23" (58cm) X
MARK VIII Single Range 0-15 26.5" (67cm) X
MARK IX Single Range 0-25 27" (69cm) X
MARK XI Dual Range 0-5/0-25 27" (69cm) X
MARK XII Single Range 0-40 31" (79cm) X


The EM models are single-stick units with a ground lead for taking line-to-ground measurements.

Model Range (kV) Length w/Overhead Probe Hotsticks Required
EM-1 Single Range 0-16 28" (71cm) X
EM-2 Single Range 0-25 34" (86cm) X
EM-3 Dual Range 0-1/0-15 30" (76cm) X

Optional Analog Voltmeter Accessories

  • Bushing probes for use in 15kV, 25kV and 35kV class bushings
  • Cable Fault Tester for testing cables for faults
  • Proof Tester® Voltmeter Tester for verifying proper operation of voltmeters / phasers prior to use
  • Extension hotsticks in various lengths
  • Various overhead and underground probes

Analog Voltmeter Features

  • Numerous models with different ranges
  • Large 3" meter face for easy reading
  • Coiled connecting cord is standard (optional reel cord available)
  • Strain relief fittings at end of cords reduce cable damage
  • Includes hook style overhead brass probes

HD Electric Company is committed to ongoing review and improvement of its product lines, and thus reserves the right to modify product design and specifications without notice.