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VARCOM 2600 with Two-Way Radio Communications

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VARCOM Communications Controls

The VARCOM® Series of Capacitor Controls with ComFlex® communications ready technology allows the user the option of deploying controls with communications factory installed, or the option of deploying the control initially as a local control and later upgrading it with communications. VARCOM controls are modeled after the popular NoMax Capacitor Control design, which features a best-in-class local control user interface, while also allowing for the addition of communications.

Communications equipped VARCOM Capacitor Controls add new capabilities for monitoring and controlling capacitor banks within a Volt/VAR management SCADA automation scheme.  Using ComFlex Flexible Communications Technology, most of the leading communication suppliers devices can be added to any of the VARCOM controls.  ComFlex adds command and control functions while maintaining all of the local control features and capabilities for a full function capacitor control.

Communications technologies include paging, cellular, WiMAX and other radio options: 

  • Two-way options using any DNP 3.0 communications interface such as cellular, ethernet or licensed / unlicensed radio

HDE’s DNPFlex® Control Configuration Solution provides the user with a feature rich standard DNP points list that and a path to create a custom DNP interface to optimize compatibility with existing SCADA control systems or related hardware.

Capacitor Control Features

  • Multi-schedule local functionality - Time/Voltage/Temp/Current/kVAR
  • Easy to use, field friendly user interface panel
  • Based on existing, field-proven design
  • Select the communication of your choice now or upgrade in the field at a later date
  • Cellular, 900 MHz and other two-way options through DNP 3.0 with the VARCOM 2600
  • Local control default mode never stops controlling capacitor bank - even when communications are off-line
  • Control provides 12 VDC power to communications hardware
  • VarWare® software allows data logging and profiles to be uploaded
  • USB and RS-232 equipped
  • Encrypted short range local wireless communications for VarWare connection from inside the truck and out of the elements (requires optional dongle).
  • Ethernet capable
  • Pole or socket mounting options available

HD Electric Company is committed to ongoing review and improvement of its product lines, and thus reserves the right to modify product design and specifications without notice.