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NOMAX 900 Capacitor Control

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NOMAX Local Controls

The NOMAX Local Capacitor Controls provide users with best in class local VAR management support and feature a user friendly interface and local programming capability. The NOMAX 900 Series Capacitor Controls are smaller and easily field programmable from the front panel.  There are three models of the NOMAX 900 Series Capacitor Controls available to suit your needs: 

  • NOMAX 900T offers time control only
  • NOMAX 950 offers time with voltage override
  • NOMAX 900 offers time with temperature and voltage override

All capacitor controls have an electronic clock with perpetual calendar for leap years, holidays and daylight savings time. A 10-year replaceable battery maintains the clock time through extended power outages. The LCD display confirms all settings and displays the non-resettable operations counter. Front panel lights confirm the proper operation of the control and display the capacitor switch status.

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Capacitor Control Features

  • Fully field programmable from the front panel
  • Extremely user friendly
  • LCD digital display for measurement and readout of all settings
  • Operations counter


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